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Training and Capacity Building

We provide corporate and government training programs designed to build capacity and enhance interoperability and functionality of both corporate and government units conducting operations in high-risk, hostile, unstable, and conflict/post-conflict environments.


♦ Mobile Training Teams (MTTs)
♦ Computer Based Training (CBT, E-Learning)
♦ Classroom Instruction
♦ Train-The-Trainer
♦ Scenario Based
♦ Printed Materials



o C/T Program Development
o Terrorism Incident Response & Recovery (Land-based or Maritime)
o Kidnappings/Abductions
o Counter Terrorism Measures (Land-based or Maritime)
o Counter IED
o Executive Management and Terrorism
o Cybersecurity and Terrorism
o Bio-Hazard Awareness and Response
o Medical Emergency Response Team Training
o Strategic and Emergency Communications
o Counter Surveillance Plans and Procedures

o Strategic Planning and Policies
o Fundamentals and Practices of Emergency Management
o Incident/Crisis Management
o Mass Casualty
o Response and Recovery (Organizational Resiliency)

o Operational Planning
o Tactical Movement and Advanced Shooting
o Tactical Engagement
o Personal Security Detail (PSD)
o Motorcade/Convoy Operations
o Emergency Response & Evacuations
o Geospatial Tracking & Accountability
o Emergency Communications
o Tactical Operations Center
o Tactical Command and Control
o Venue Operations
o Policies and Procedures