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Threat Assessment & Predictive Intelligence

GCSSS believes the most effective security and risk mitigation programs are anchored in comprehensive predictive intelligence that defines a clear threat picture. By knowing the threats to your personnel, property and assets; the design, development, and implementation of protective strategies becomes much more focused on prevention and effective mitigation.



In this era there is so much information available, it can be extremely difficult to sort through and properly assess what is relevant and what isn’t. Our Intelligence Analysts utilize their specialized expertise, training and experiences; access to specialized information sources and business intelligence units; open source intelligence (OSINT), human intelligence (HUMINT) and unique array of predictive intelligence tools to develop intelligence that poses threats to your interests.

♦ Real Time Intelligence Alerts and Notifications
♦ 24/7/365 Support
♦ Periodic Reports (Daily, Weekly, Monthly)
♦ Global Intelligence
o Site Specific, Localized, National, Regional, International
♦ Travel Alerts
♦ Trend Analysis



Our Threat Assessment Professionals also work closely with local, national, and international law enforcement and security professionals to facilitate the rapid exchange of information affecting constantly changing threat environments. Whether your organization needs a well-defined threat picture or a full scope threat and risk assessment, our team has the capability to meet those needs.



♦ Identifying threats and hazards to your interests
♦ Assessing the capabilities of your organization
♦ Prevention
♦ Protection
♦ Mitigation
♦ Response
♦ Recovery
♦ Assessing vulnerability to threats based on current capabilities
♦ Performing gap analysis
♦ Recommending mitigation solutions to reduce and eliminate the impact of those threats and hazards



♦ Pre-Deployment Threat Assessments
♦ Ongoing/Recurring Threat Assessments
♦ Full Scope Threat and Risk Assessments
♦ Project/Site Specific Threat Assessments
♦ Criminal, Terrorist, Cyber, Geopolitical, Environmental