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Risk Assessment and Mitigation

GCSSS conducts security and risk assessments in low to high threat environments. We support projects both domestically and internationally and present specific risk mitigation solutions to our Clients. We utilize a customized approach and proven methodologies to defend against known or anticipated threats. Our experts have decades of experience conducting assessments for some of our nation’s most critical assets and facilities.

♦ Critical Infrastructure
♦ Construction Sites
♦ Aviation/Transportation
♦ Expeditionary Operations Sites
♦ Mission Critical Assets and Facilities
♦ Special Events/Public Venues
♦ Commercial Properties
♦ Residential Properties
♦ Government Real Estate



Our teams are comprised of highly trained and experienced specialists in:

♦ Physical Security
♦ Security Systems Design and Integration
♦ Security Engineering and Design
♦ Security Operations
♦ Emergency Management and Planning
♦ Cyber/Information Security
♦ Penetration Testing
♦ Threat Assessment and Predictive Intelligence
♦ Counter/Anti-Terrorism



GCSSS brings together subject matter experts from various technical backgrounds to conduct full scope assessments and provide security and risk mitigation solutions. We can provide ongoing or project specific assessment support.

We identify and prioritize the most critical assets to your organization. Our ranking helps to determine the qualitative and quantitative impact to your organization if those assets are lost or compromised.

Our team will assess your current level of physical security protection and identify vulnerabilities impacting the successful protection of your personnel, property, and assets.

Through a refined methodology and utilization of special intelligence resources, our team will determine what the greatest threats are to your personnel, property, and assets.

Through utilization of advanced technology solutions and access to special intelligence and information resources, we can provide live time intelligence, threat assessments and alert notifications to our Clients operating worldwide.

Our operations team will test the validity and reliability of current security tactics, techniques, procedures and systems to gauge effectiveness against current threats.

We evaluate existing policies, plans and procedures to determine if they are adequate to detect, deter and defend against known threats to your personnel, property and assets and your organization’s resiliency in the aftermath of an event.

Our assessments reports highlight our findings and provide key stakeholders specific risk mitigation recommendations designed to minimize potential threats or negative impacts to your operations.