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Protective Services

GCSSS provides global security consulting and protective services focused on helping corporations, organizations, governments and individuals manage security risks in hostile or unstable environments. We support our Clients by providing strategic planning, expert consultancy and in-depth analysis and operational expertise to resolve sensitive security issues and provide unsurpassed protection and support in all geographic locations.



We operate both domestically and internationally supporting multinational corporations, governments, NGOs, individuals, and other organizations in various risk environments around the globe. Our security experts are strategically positioned around the world and are regionally oriented, with knowledge of local languages, customs, laws and threats. See our LOCATIONS here.





GCSSS provides a wide range of security and consulting services to meet the needs of our broad client base.


Personal/Close Protection (Executive Protection)
o Dignitaries
o Diplomats
o Corporate Executives
o High Net Worth Individuals
o Mission Essential /Key Personnel
o Multinational Corporations
o Governments
o NGOs

Asset and Facility Security
♦ Maritime Security
♦ Supply Chain and Logistics Security
♦ Travel Security
♦ Motorcade/Convoy Operations (Light and Armored)
♦ Advanced Site/Route Assessments
♦ Emergency Response and Evacuation
♦ Medical Response and Evacuation
♦ Contingency Planning and Operations
♦ Threat Management Programs
♦ Advanced Threat Assessments
♦ Predictive Intelligence Support
♦ Coordination with Local/Host Nation Key Personnel
♦ Crisis Management & Risk Mitigation
♦ Geospatial Accountability Systems & Advanced Technology Solutions
♦ Safety and Security Training





GCSSS employs highly experienced and vetted subject matter experts from a variety of specialized career fields. We utilize their unique and diverse skill sets to develop customized security and risk mitigation teams that can operate in a variety of domestic and international environments. We closely match our personnel and advanced technology solutions to each Client, mission, and area(s) of operation to insure you are getting the best protection specialist or team to match your specific needs.


♦ Diplomatic Security Agents
♦ Military Special Operations
♦ Maritime Security Specialists
♦ Federal Agents
♦ Law Enforcement Specialists
♦ Personal Protection Specialists
♦ Counterterrorism Specialists
♦ Intelligence/Threat Analysts
♦ Physical Security Experts


*We also manage a large global network of local in-country security service providers who have undergone extensive vetting and due diligence and have a track record of proven reliability.