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Guard Services


At GCSSS, we believe in a holistic approach to security services. What separates us from other providers is we are more than just a security staffing company. We operate under the premise security guards are just one component in effective security planning. We are very proactive in our approaches to stop crimes before they occur. In addition to providing highly qualified guards for your site, we offer ongoing crime/threat analysis, risk assessment and mitigation, investigations support, and liaison and advocacy with local law enforcement officials.



We are fully licensed and insured to provide both armed and unarmed security guard services internationally and domestically. We are currently providing guard services in Maryland, Virginia, the District of Columbia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Colorado, but we are always seeking opportunities to expand our national footprint into other emerging markets.



We utilize a rigorous pre-employment screening process to ensure the guards working on your property possess the highest moral, ethical, and professional character. These evaluations check work history with previous employers, reference checks, and verify the criminal, driving, and credit history of each applicant. We recruit heavily from the military, law enforcement and government security sectors to bring you the highest quality employees.



We believe quality training is the foundation of any reputable security services provider. Our employees complete a comprehensive training program that exceeds industry standards, as well as local and state training requirements. Our training program is one of the most comprehensive in the industry and includes an interactive curriculum covering a wide range of topics and skills certification training including:


State & Local Laws

The American Legal System

Ethical Code of Conduct

Security Guard Authority

Search & Seizure Guidelines

Use of Force

Emergency Response Procedures

Security Patrolling

Crime Scene Preservation


Report Writing & Court Testimony

Basic First Aid

Citizen/Customer Relation

Communication Skills

Confrontation Management

GCSSS Standard Operating Procedures

Defensive Tactics and Handcuffing

Less Lethal Skills – Baton, Chemical Agents, Tasers

Basic and Advanced Firearms Training





♦ Armed and Unarmed Security Guard Services
♦ Mobile and Foot Patrols
♦ Alarm Response
♦ CCTV/Alarm Monitoring
♦ Special Event Support
♦ Concierge and Ambassador Services
♦ Emergency Communications and Dispatching
♦ Command and Control Centre Staffing
♦ Ongoing Crime Trend Analysis and Criminal Intelligence Assessments
♦ Risk Assessment and Mitigation