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Geospatial Tracking & Accountability

In support of Protective Security Services, we employ state of the art special purpose global tagging, tracking and locating (TTL) beacons and software applications used to monitor personnel or assets anywhere in the world. Tracking is real-time monitored 24/7/365. Every client is different, so our suite of tracking devices and integrated security support services can be tailored to each client and operation to provide maximum protection in any threat environment.



Cellular, satellite and GPS systems which provide urban and remote coverage globally via voice, text, data and panic buttons/alarms. Our technology allows for user(s) to utilize their device both as a regular phone and a monitoring device. Our GSM devices operate globally anywhere GSM/HSDPA/LTE cellular services are and have Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities.
♦ Cellular Applications – IOS, Android, Blackberry
♦ Satellite – GSM, Iridium, INMARSAT, HSDPA, LTE
♦ Stand-alone Devices for Remote Support



♦ Assets & Logistics Security (Air, Sea and Land)
♦ Intrusion Detection Alerts
♦ Environmental Alerts
♦ Extended Unattended Run Time



♦ Operates in Extreme Rural or Urban Environments
     o Auto-switching/sensing between satellite and GSM based on best network availability
♦ True Pole to Pole Coverage
♦ Hardware and Software Capabilities
♦ Passive, Proactive and Pre-emptive Monitoring
♦ Highly Flexible Service Integration (As Needed)
     o Security Support
     o Crisis Action & Contingency Planning
     o Live Time Threat and Predictive Intelligence Support
     o Emergency Response & Extraction
♦ Two-Way Messaging Capable
♦ Emergency Distress/Panic Alarms


For more information on our suite of devices and support services, please contact us directly.