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About Us

GCSSS is a subsidiary of Gonzales Consulting Services, Inc. (GCS), a multimillion dollar company, founded in 1990 with an uncompromising commitment to customer service and backed by technical expertise, competitive pricing, efficient corporate support, and rigorous business processes. This commitment has produced an effective and financially strong organization that has received numerous commendations for program and contract management.

GCSSS is committed to continuing this level of customer service in the security industry. We are more than just a standard security company and utilize a unique methodology that combines state of the art technology and highly specialized personnel with a wide array of skill sets to separate us from other security providers in the industry. Unlike our competitors, we offer true end-to-end security solutions anywhere in the world.


Our Staff

Our Executive and Operational Staff are comprised of subject matter experts with decades of experiences across the globe in a variety of specialized disciplines. Our personnel have served in all levels of government (local, state, national, and international) and have experiences operating in some of the most volatile and unstable regions of the world. It is these experiences that give us unique insight into the security needs of our Clients.


♦ Counterterrorism
♦ Antiterrorism
♦ Personal Protective Services
♦ Diplomatic Security
♦ Law Enforcement
♦ Investigations (Domestic & International)
♦ Guard Services
♦ Physical Security Operations
♦ Security Engineering
♦ Military Special Operations